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About the authorphotograph

  • Name: Don Constance.
  • Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire, England.
  • Occupation: Telecommunications Engineer.
  • Interests: In no particular order,Computers, Beer, Reading (books that is, not the place, which is probably best avoided), History & Motorsport.
  • In addition I can be found in a number of conferences on CiX (See links).

About Snaprails

Why "Snaprails"?

A number of years ago I needed a name for an internet account and picked the name of the park near my house as it was unlikely to have been used elsewhere. Later I registered it as my domain. The park and surrounding housing areas were once the grounds of a large house and are now a public open space called Snaprails Park. The gate lodge to the house still stands at what is now the entrance to the park and is shown in the pictures below. The first image is of an oil painting made c.1920

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